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Victoria. 24. Philly->NC. Soon to be Mrs. Ford, MSPH. Prep/Urban. God. Black girls. Black Preps. Natural Hair. Harry Potter. J.Crew.

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"The Middle Passage journey from West Africa to the Americas took 4 to 6 months."

Try walking around without wiping your butt for a day or a week. Yep now try laying down in shit for 4-6 weeks, most of it isnt your own. Then add some blood and some mucus. Then grab some chains. Slavery was that bad. dont u ever fucking tell me it wasnt! (via howtobenoladarling)

Not to mention every now and then you were raped by those that were working the ships.  Male and female were raped.

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24 hrs laying in extremely tight positions with hundreds of people that are suffering from all kinds of diseases due to malnutrition. Weather wasnt always the way the ship owners planned and voyages took longer than usually, the longest I was told by a professor was a whole year. 

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Most people have no idea what happened to our ancestors, and that’s due to the fact that the powers that be want to act like it never happened.  

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And let’s add on the fact that ships have to make port and re-supply and between Africa and America lay the Caribbean and South America, which still took a great deal more to travel to. So families were separated not only by death and torment, but by members being sold off on a different continent than where they might have been bound.

Not to mention ships get blown off course, and the slave next to you might have died and you have to sleep next to a corpse for who knows how long before the crew finally decides to handle it and toss it overboard like so much offal.

Sharks still follow the course of the slave trade ships till this day due to the amount of offal and human bodies that were tossed overboard in the ship’s wake.

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(Damn is that last thing about sharks true?!)

Yes. They threw so many bodies overboard it changed the ecological feeding patterns of sharks. They follow the slave ships from dock to port. They were even used as an act of terrorism to force Africans on to ships and encourage them not to commit suicide. Slave ships were often packed for collateral damage. It was estimated that many would not make the journey and all those bodies thrown overboard were insured. That’s how insurance companies got their start… It’s also how many families built their family fortune.

This was a business.

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ciaraknowsitall replied to your post “My father doesn’t consider me a priority. No whines, no sadness. Just…”

i have never been able to put into words why I don’t want my dad to walk me down the aisle and this is pretty much on point

It was a hard conclusion for me to tease out especially when custom is that your dad MUST walk you down the aisle. But he made it easy for me to decide to stick to my guns.

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phoneylovely replied to your post “My father doesn’t consider me a priority. No whines, no sadness. Just…”

I love this. Our dads sound similar. My mom is walking me down the aisle, whether my dad decides to show up or not. Your independence is inspiring.

Thank you for your kind words. Yeah my dad is a hard pill to swallow. I’m happy you at least have your mommy as a support system. That is really sweet.

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boatsxheauxs asked:

Why don't you ever post pics of you and mr. ford?

PrepFord Wife answered:

Hmm. I don’t know actually. We don’t have lotsa pics of us together. In the first four years of our relationship we have ONE picture of us. I’ll do better :)

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